Belt sander purchase vote

I will propose a vote this evening to purchase a hand held belt sander for the Hive, with a budget not to exceed $200.

These are extremely useful, and as Elly mentioned last week, our current model seems to have melted. I do not yet have a particular replacement sander in mind. I'm open to suggestions, or I'll just do some quick research and make a decision if the vote passes.

This means that the vote will occur during the annual meeting. I'll try to make it very fast. To help with this, please have any discussion here on the list rather than at the meeting.

- Ry

Would we ne get a name brand or a harbor freight special?

Name brand. Preferably something with a metal housing that fits our existing belts. My knee-jerk reaction is a new porter cable model in the $150 range, but as previously mentioned, I haven’t done any real research yet. Good condition higher end used tools might also be worth looking for.

I’m open to suggestions from anyone with relevant experience.

  • Ry

For name brand I vote yes


Thanks for getting this started!

Looks like the Porter Cable won a shootout.