Beginner CAD Class Signup (3 slots)

Hey all,

As discussed on Tuesday I’m teaching the first CAD class for beginners this Saturday (the 15th). It will be from Noon to 3PM, so please eat lunch (breakfast) before you come.

That being said I want to keep this to 3 slots and see how it goes. My hope is that everyone gets hands on time, and as we’re limited to one computer, any more and that won’t be possible. If you will definitely be coming please say so below and I will confirm the first 3 people to be accepted.

What to bring:

1 relatively simple object. The first picture is a good example. It’s simple, has basic features, and will be able to be completed in our class’s timeframe. The second picture is a bad example. It’s too curvy and would be a better example for an intermediate class. The more organic it is (ie the fewer flat, sharp, or cylindrical surfaces it has) the harder it will be!

What we’re covering:

1- Navigation in solidworks
2- Basic workflow and setting up planes
3- Considerations for which which features to start with
4- Sketches and dimensioning
5- The most common and readily useful features/tools

Stretch goal:
6- Saving and naming for Assemblies
7- Assemblies and their potential benefits/downfalls

I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

-Jim Shealy

I'm in. I'll see you at noon on Saturday.

Yes please sign me up

I will take slot three!

Well, that’s all three!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and we’ll see how it goes! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to thank you again for putting this class together. There was a lot of valuable information shared today.

No problem!

I’m glad it was helpful! if you’ve got suggestions of how it could be done better, or if there were things you wish we had the chance to cover, I’d love to know! I’m curious to see how you guys will start using the newfound CAD skills! :slight_smile:

For anyone else following along, I’m curious if there are requests for intermediate level features/knowledge that I could teach. Anything you wish you knew?

-Jim Shealy

I made a thing!

Are you using NX for CAD?

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This was made in Solidworks.

By the way, it looks good Jon! You’ll have to bring the pedal by when you’re done.