beer brewing at the hive

Hi all,
Tiffany and I are planning a brew day at the Hive this Saturday. We’ll be doing an all-grain brew if you are interested in learning this technique!
Beer to be brewed: Chocolate Milk Stout and Pumpkin Stout (splitting a single 10-gallon mash into 2 boilpots with different spices added)
We’ll start setting up/heating water at noon, brewing will probably go till 6:00 or so.
We will also bring some kegged home-brew, and if there’s interest we can order out food.

Hope to see you there

I wish I didn’t have to work. This sounds really fun! Thanks a lot for doing this.
-Dave B.

Agreed. I work this weekend, but I love the idea. Take some pictures!

Put me (and hopefully Lindsey) down as a definite maybe! I want to, but can’t promise that I’ll be able to.


Beer brewing at the hive is still on today, despite possibility of some stormy weather! We’ll be under the metal awning by the back door.
Hope you can make it!

I really wish I could make it. Sorry guys!

Never mind. I cancelled the other plans. See you there!

Great! We are bringing a keg to drink while we brew :slight_smile: