Beer brew out

Hi, guys. I could not make the weekly meeting tonight. I just wanted to let everyone know that my next door
neighbor an I will be having a party / brewout Saturday after thanksgiving, (Nov. 30). This is an all day event
and all are invited. Lots of beer “home brew”, food and a good time. We generally start at about 9am and
go all day and some times into the morning, (late night). If you come snacks, covered dish, and beer are
appreciated, but not required. My address is 4818 Andalus Ct. St. Bernard, OH. We usually have 4 - 6
people brewing beer. I am out of town Wed Thur. Questions, directions, call me.
Dave Lear
513-242-6265 home line - leave message
513-300-1862 cell - best choice day of