Be gentle with one another this holiday season (seasonal reminder)

hello!! as we get into the big holiday making season, i wanted to put our a reminder to be considerate of our space, tools, and your fellow makers. we’re a shared space with over 200 members with friends and families to make gifts for. if you’re going to be on a tool for awhile, please check in with your fellow makers to see if anyone else has the same plans at the same time. filling out parking tickets so people can reach out to you if they need space on the 3d printer or drying rack, posting about long usage tool sessions, and checking in with your friends to see how they’re doing are all great acts of care. this time of year is stressful and not every moment may be sparkling as my mum says but i hope we can grant each other the grace and patience we hope others grant us. may we continue our spirit of community and making cool stuff into this holiday season and new year!!

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