Battery spot welder


Is anyone made or built any of the battery spot welder kits? I am needing to Rebuild and make some hobby sized packs with 18650 and sub c cells.

You might ask at a Batteries and Bulbs, and just see what they would charge. They like to sell you batteries, but if you have something special, they might weld your batteries for you for a price.

I have a 50-year old battery spot welder, but it’s underpowered, and I need to figure out some microswitch problems. I believe mine is a 0.5 Joule welder, while the typical Battery and Bulbs welder is 8 Joules max. (They turn it down for most battery pack welds.)

I was seriously considering buying one of these a couple years ago, but as much as I weld batteries (1-2 packs a year, say), I almost prefer to let Batteries and Bulbs do it. If I ever decide to make a home “wall of batteries”, I’ll probably buy a welder.