band saw blades

do we have any additional band saw blades for the delta? the one on there is in decent condition but is a 6tpi. it wouldnt hurt to get other tpi blades and replacements if we dont have any.
i could only find 1additional bandsaw blade for the horizonal tool in the metal shop, that cant fit the delta.


ok, where are they located and do you know the tpi?

In the woodshop, and yes.

ok so where in the the woodwork area (specific location) and what are the tpi.

Near one of the saws, I forget which one, and which blade do you want the TPI on?

looks at subject of email. maybe the delta band saw blades… seeing that the current blade is 6tpi, i need the tpi of the other (or others depeding on how many 93 1/2 inch blades we have).

We have three 93 1/2" band saw blades for the Delta band saw.

and what are the tpi for them three?

If I remember correctly, we have 2 or 3 others for it. They came in a variety pack that I bought awhile ago when I was warden. I think all the others are thinner and also finer (more tpi) than the standard 6 tpi that is left on there as a good general purpose blade. I want to say the others ranged from 12 to 6 tip with different tooth patterns. BT sure if any have broken since then, and not sure where they are, but I would say to check the likely places: the back shelves, under the bench, on the sides of other saws with other blades, or in the box under the table saw. (Sooooo basically the whole woodshop hahahah :stuck_out_tongue: )

I also have a personal blade that is for resawing (for thick things) that is wider and 3 tpi.


Also, for fine/thin things we have the scroll saw, which might be a better tool for certain jobs, given its deeper throat.

I think those blades are long gone. I haven’t seen them.

We have two 1/4" blades, the one currently on the bandsaw, and the backup. We’ve also got a 1/8" blade.

Those actually sound exactly like the ones I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue: They got used… maybe once in many many months. Most people need the standard blade.

the only ones i found appeared to be the 1/4in blades, all appear to be aroind 6tpi. i went and bought a 14tpi blade for the use i need.

The two 1/4" blades I bought. One through the warden’s budget, and the other because I didn’t want to wait, and the blade was super dull. I believe the 1/8" has been there for a while. If there are other blades it would be great to locate them.

Okay, good to hear you found them. Elly is right, the scroll saw has finer teeth mostly by design, and I bought a variety pack of blades out of pocket for the machine. There is also a coping saw which also has some new blades (also bought out of pocket). Might be nice for careful fine work.

(And I need to stop losing receipts)