Back from Maker Faire

I finally made it home. (but I left my iPad on the plane (Grrrrr), let’s hope the lost and found system works).

I think things went well and no one had any (major) injuries.

We won two blue ribbons and everyone said that they really liked it. The only person we pissed off was an overworked sound guy. (Even the other sound people said he was a jerk).

I’m going to try and help with the lathe delivery tomorrow, but for now I’m going to go to bed.

If they find it on the lost and found and you flew into Dayton do you want to call and add Jim or mines name to who can claim it. I can grab it and get it to you when I see you at the hive then.

Sure, if they call me I’ll let them know you are allowed.

If you can let me know your flight number and what airline it was on and I will check when I land. Lol they will take me anywhere in my magical wheelchair all I have to do is ask lol