Back door at the Hive now has a Deadbolt

Just a quick update following our recent break in. The back door of the hive now has a deadbolt and is much more secure. With the deadbolt both the existing locking door handle and the deadbolt lock the door so it can not be opened when locked unlike before.

The new rule at the hive is do not expect to enter through the back door. Unless it is a meeting, event, etc it SHOULD NOT be unlocked.

Along with the deadbolt we will also be putting a sliding latch as a third form of security just because.

Hopefully this will make the Hive a safer place, protect our current and future equipment, and make people feel more secure down at the hive!



Who has keys?


They are hanging on the door lock currently. One key will be given to grant and it will be decided what to do with the other one later.


Perhaps the time has come for the hive to invest in some kind of safe to keep money, keys, etc. in?

-Dave B

Grant needs to make sure other tenants know this and no longer use our space as a short-cut to the back area. I know the artist next door has his own PIN to our front door and I believe uses it for that purpose.