Available CNC Equipment

Wanted to see if the group would be interested in a Roland PNC-3000 Desktop Milling
Machine and Picza 3D Scanner including the software.

I have owned these machines for about 10 years and no longer need them. If the group is
interested I would be willing to donate them.

If not, let me know if there is another group that you think may be able to make good use
of them.

Thanks –


If anyone gas seen me demo my Roland, the Picza is the same 3D software I used.

I'd we're say definitely interested. I'm cc'ing Tom.


This sounds like some cool equipment. I think we could really make
use of it. Thanks for thinking of us.

I'm having trouble getting a sense of the size from pictures online.
What would it take to move it? Pickup truck? U-Haul truck? What
times work well for you? Weekdays/nights? Weekends?

Have you stopped by Hive13 before? If not, come on down some time.
We're always willing to show people around.



Some web links - it would be a great "featured" machine for the HIVE's
growing collection. Other links show that you can run Mach3 s/w for g-
code which is what I use at home.




I hope we can get Tom to come in some night. Make sure he knows about
our 501(c)3 non-profit status and donation form!


Wow, definitely yes! That is a great looking machine, quite a bit of travel there.


Ok, I got email back from Tom and replied back to him again.

I let him know that Mondays and Tuesdays are great times to stop by
and he is interested in seeing the space.

I also let him know about our donation form and told him we could come
pick it up if he isn't able to make it to Hive13 himself.