Autodesk Technology Impact Program

Is anyone willing to do the application for the Autodesk’s Technology Impact Program? As a non-profit, I believe we can get site licensing for both Fusion360 Professional and the Product Design Suite (includes Inventor, AutoCAD, HSMworks, and Revit among other things).

With Autodesk limiting Fusion 360’s free version significantly, there will likely be much greater demand for access to the full versions of these programs, so this could be a significant resource for our members. There is no free/open CAD/CAM package that has the features and capabilities of these software packages, and while our Vectric V-Carve software is great for simple vector art and basic raster/offset toolpaths, those are of limited use when machining mechanical parts of any complexity, or if milling harder woods, aluminum, or many plastics, those really demand the adaptive toolpaths that can be had through the Autodesk software.


Kevin M.

Hi all. My dad’s business partner — Nathaniel Wescott from Wescott & Schaff picture framing — recommended I get involved in Hive13 with my son Drake who is a freshman at Turpin high school. Drake and I have three 3-D printing machines in a bob CNC


Glad you found Hive13! if you would like to get a tour and get involved, you should schedule a tour before one of our Tuesday meetings. Please email and someone will coordinate a time with you.



Sorry Kevin I hit send on the email before stating I am friends with the Fusion360 Product manager at Autodesk and I am willing to help with the application. His name is John Helfen and I already reached out to him to get some insight into Autodesk’s Technology Impact Program.

See below Response from Fusion360 Product Manager at Autodesk. If I can help in any way please let me know. Call or text me at 470-3440. -Dave Schaff
Hey Dave. Yes, it makes sense. It is in response to this: (the removal of STEP export has been rolled back, meaning it is not being removed)

We are starting to limit what the free/hobbyist license because we are seeing many using the hobbyist version commercially. (keep in mind you can get a yearlong license of Fusion at a 40% discount ( $250) right now and the free version is still available.

I am also aware of the tech impact program, but am not sure who qualifies, it is certainly possible makerspace will fit the program, but can’t confirm 100%

The makerspace is working to try and keep a free version of software for those who don’t have their own copy.

Let me know if you have specific questions.