Auction stuff

So the last day or so I was doing research on UC’s surplus auction stuff, and I found more places that we might procure assets for the hive. I’ll list what I have. Feel free to list other places you know of and trust, and we can go from there.

UC surplus ( usually first Saturday of each month)

9am- 1pm

5121 Fishwick Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45216


Nice list!

I always wanted to go in an auction. I will started with the UC.



The UC sale is not really an auction. I think they might do auctions for some large items (cars and such) but for the most part it is like a monthly garage sale. All items have a fixed price and a two part tag. You take part of the tag to reserve the item for yourself, then take the tags to the front desk to pay for your items. You can get some really good deals, but you need to get there early. The parking lot will be packed.

Yeah, sorry. Wasn't sure about how exactly the system worked at uc or like at resource, so since most of the other stuff was auctions I called it one as well. Thanks for the correction and for the info! =]

This is a great list. I will likely be checking out the Public Library surplus sales for interesting looking tech books for the hive library.

  - Dark Ian

thought ppl might be interested in this


Is the hive planning on a digital portion of the library as well? If so I may be able to share a bunch of stuff.

I have considered doing something along those lines, however I have not really got to the point of thinking about the specifics. I suppose for the moment we could put a "Library" directory on Fastor for sharing eBooks. Is there much interest in something like this?

  - Dark Ian

I'm happy to contribute my collection of stuff to the hive. Haven't been able to be too involved for a long while but want to make a contribution to the group if possible.