Auction fallout

I got a Ryobi 40v trimmer for basically nothing from the auction site.
It has the detacheable trimmer head and the power pack (motor).


The battery housing is busted but the electronics seem to work (i connected my benchtop power supply and it spun up). The housing is about $20 online, but the kicker is that there is no battery.
I got a charger on eBay for $15 thinking I could get a battery and the housing for $40 ish but these suckers are $100 new and about $60 on eBay.

A totally new version of this is about $120 (with battery and charger).

So I would like to walk away from it.
If someone would like to take up the challenge I’ll hand it over.
I don’t want to bring it to the Hive to just get thrown out, so let me know and I’ll bring it to the meeting Tuesday.

Brad “totally not addicted to auctions” Walsh

Lets hack it :slight_smile: 18650 mega pack!!!


Lol totally not addicted!


I have the ryobi one+ 18V trimmer. $70 or so with a big battery. It does the job really well, and, most importantly, is super light – the other options are just too heavy for me.

Find a coupon and go to HD…



Find a transformer and convert it to run on wallpower on an extension cord! great for small yards

orrrrr, take the motor out, and build a leaf shredder around it?


I am offering it up for someone with bandwidth to create something awesome.

I’ll bring it to the meeting, but if no one wants it I’ll salvage the motor/gearbox.