Auction ending this morning

Matt from losantiville tipped us off that this auction is going on. There seems to be a lot of stuff there for good prices. They’re selling practically everything in mt healthy school (including a few shop tools). The auction ends at 11am today.


We should get these score boards for the sumobot competition :smiley:

They have one w/o a controller for $22…lol

They also have a utility sink, currently at about $25

I have registered on the auction site and will bid on the vacuum. Anyone have a price limit?

There is so much great stuff…it’s just all so big! Some of those buy this entire room for $40 is just crazy.

I sent the link to the cinci fitness ppl downstairs. Maybe the’ll check there mail before the auction ends and can get some of that workout gear.

I can chip in some money say 40-50 for stuff if we need it.

Ok, I have bid on the vacuum, utility sink, the LaserJet 4050N (for me), and a photo enlarger for Hodapp.

The vacuum is the expensive item, it is a serious vacuum, google searches show it going for at a minimum of $400, we are currently at $96 w/ a max of $100.

The scoreboard is really cool, but it is 80" x 88" and will not fit in or on my car.

yeah nor in the Hive. We would have to get the cincy fitness ppl to put it up in their space :slight_smile:

Some good stuff here going for cheap. I don’t know where we’d put it, but the Biology/Chemistry/Physics storage closet incubator, sterilematic looks cool with the winning bid currently at $26!


The final verdict is the two things I was bidding on for the group both went for more than my maximum bids (the Vacuum and the Utility Sink), however I did manage to pick up a laser printer for myself and a photo enlarger for the hodapp.

Thanks for doing this!

I too got an enlarger – i bet you were the one bidding against me for one of em :wink:

I only wish I had more time to look through it all - so much rediculously cheap stuff! (like basketball hoops, boards, and hosts for $30?!! On the other hand, plenty of overpriced stuff too, like a $500 chair)

I also picked up a piano for $27. I don’t know of its playing condition (i’m an optimist), or if I will be able to easily get it into my apartment (6 floors & tiny elevator), but if there is any desire for it at the Hive, I would probably be willing to donate it.