ATV for parts

Looks like I've gotten an old Yamaha ATV for free.
It is bigger than I thought so I would like to borrow a truck and an extra set of hands to help get this down to the Hive.
I was going to strip it down and get some cool parts for power tool drag racing or anything someone wants.

Not sure how to post pics on this board.
It is in multiple pieces so don't get too excited. :grinning:



How big is the engine? And is it water cooled? Steve is interested in the engine and transmission.

He can help you move it, too.

It has a radiator.
The carb is in a box.
I could just lift the front off the ground.
Sequential gearbox and chain drive.
I’m interested in the wheels/tires and rear axle for a power tool drag racer.

Can pics be posted on this forum?

Brad -

This is just an email list. You can attach pictures as you would with any other email. Google will present them in the web interface for people who read the list that way.

  • Ry

Here is s pic.

It would seem a bit large to fit inside the 12" width between racing lane 2x4 side rails, but that is just my paradigm. It has awesome potential for whatever you envision.


I'd like to have the engine radiator and carb, if we need to talk about money let me know how much. And if you still need assistance moving it, I'm glad to help.

Yes I think the tires are a bit big but one might fit.

I’ll play with the parts once I get it to the Hive and disassemble it. Reminds me of when I found a lawnmower in the trash. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m off all this week, so if I could get it to the Hive maybe Mon or Tues that would be cool.



No money needed, just muscle and transport to the Hive.

Do you have access to a truck and ramps?

We have a minivan but it would be a tight fit.



i have a 4x4 trailer if that would work…

so 4’ x 4’?
or 2 axle 4 wheels?

I’m guessing it’s about 3’ 10" wide and at least 5’ long.


I’m looking forward to a reason to leave work early tomorrow, at 6 o’clock I’m going to try to be at the CNC class anyway. Where do we need to get together to pick this thing up? I have a Chrysler Town and Country with not much in the back.

Ooooo I’m seeing one big fat wheel in the front with a sled behind it with the motor running the wheel!

Put diesel in my truck and you can use it. Doubtful I will have time to transport tomorrow.

I can help move, I’m also off, assuming I don’t have to stay home with a sick son. I’ll send a private email with my contact info.

Have 59.5 inch x 8 ft trailer, with rear fold down ramp. Hauled 2100 plus chains and tackle in tools :slight_smile: Might even have an extra set of trailer lights. Facebook me if you need for today? Am off work currently.