Atomic Zombie bikes (because welding was way more fun and easier than I had imagined.) - these are bikes that are made from… other bikes. Often times you can get busted bikes for free or damn near, and this site provides some really REALLY easy to follow plans (hit me up if you want a look at the PDFs the site sells) to turn parts into amazing recumbent bikes.

My plan was to build a "Streetfox"s for myself:
and a Timberwolf for the wife:

The plans call for 16 ga sheet metal and some 16 ga box steel for the frame parts. Everything else comes off the old bikes pretty much. Where should I get this locally? Some place I can just pull the truck into and load up on steel.

These remind me of N55’s SPACEFRAME VEHICLES:

The N55 design was cool because aluminum and nuts and bolts are a bit easier to work with sans welding ( although probably more expensive ).


Good luck! Looks fun.

I work in Dayton, and I go to Alro Steel during my lunch break. No outlet in Cincinnati. Googling “steel, cincinnati, oh” has a lot of local suppliers. The problem is: Who will sell you small quantities? Check the bulk metal area at Lowes and Home Depot. I don’t think they have the rectangular tubing, but they should have 16ga sheets. Alro is nice because they have a showroom with offcuts.And you might be able to get by with offcuts (stuff left over from “real” (aka large) purchases).

Just a note—I don’t think this applies to you: I have the Atomic Zombie book. I had long discussions with a fellow engineer at work about the safety of welding galvanized EMT conduit, and we basically decided that we weren’t going to risk it. I might do it with a scuba tank and regulator so I can be sure I’m not breathing the fumes, but I personally won’t risk it. I’ll spend more to find proper weldable steels without the zinc coating.


Definitely do not go to Lowes or Home depot for metal. You can get metal significantly cheaper at local places.
American Metal Supply Co is a great place in the area to get cheap metal pieces. They are up in blue ash so only a 20 minute drive from cincy. You can go in the back and they have a whole rack of what are called drops, which are basically left overs from cutting other pieces of metal (it’s that part the drops on the ground when you are done cutting). I think regular steel is something like 40 or 50 cents a pound (maybe higher, I would check). They will also sell you the full sized pieces, but expect to pay more!

With regards to galvanized steel: just don’t mess with it. That really seems to be the best option. For anyone curious check out metal fume fever:

You can get steel at Boone Steel in Walton Kentucky a minimum of $40 must be spent. Also tractor supply and American metal supply are also good places to pick up steel there is a minimum that you must spend to buy an American metal supplies Even on the drops I do not know how much it is for them off hand. For small quantities of steel tractor supply has a decent selection.

I’ve got a feeling 16ga is too light for most industrial purchases, but you might get lucky. I would call or email around. Know your quantities and if you want it cut to length and if there are no offcuts available, ask for a quote.

Jon wrote:

Definitely do not go to Lowes or Home depot for metal. You can get metal significantly cheaper at local places.

It’s a question of convenience. Yeah it costs more, but I’m there about once a week.


these look SOOO cool

did you see the rocket in the manuals??


yeah… in the manuals section there is a rocket… there’s even a bike portable launcher… it’s for… ah… spreading seeds over hillsides. and leaflets… ahem.

Garden street has some square tube stock along the fence in back. Sure the price is reasonable. Location is superb.

Where is the “manuals” section? I’ve looked for it at least three times, and I’m just not seeing it anywhere.


h my bad, it was on the other link…The one for the ‘spaceframes’ has a rocket

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