At the Hive - door broke?

    I'm at the Hive and the front door doesn't respond...

    Has the code changed or is it just broken?

It may be having issues if the network is down

Crap, we’ve been having issues with the outer door for a week and change now. I thought I had fixed it. :frowning:

If you are still there you can try to see if the boxing club is open right now and go through their space.
If not then try to knock on fronk’s double doors that face the street and hope they let you in.


I’ve left and CFB wasn’t open - I’ll be back down at about 4 and try again.

Was it the outside door (keypad) or the inside door (RFID card)?

outside keypad

I may have an extra push button outdoor lock that we can program with the same code from my stuff still. If I can find it I will bring it tonight as a backup option untill the other can be fixed

It looks like Coy got in around 1pm, sorry!

I think the batteries may have just wiggled loose this time. Regardless, the door is temporarily taped open. I’ve contacted Garden Street so hopefully they will have someone come over and look at it sooner rather than later.

i replaced the batteries with brand brand “duracell” new ones about a week ago as well the door stopped working in the middle of the night so im wondering if the electronics are failing in it or if it got moister in it for batteries to be failing that quickly.