Assistance with Laser cutting/engraving

I am seeking help from someone experienced/certified in operating the Laser cutting machines. Got an overview of how this works and it seems straight forward. I would just need someone to supervise me completing my first job so that I can proceed on my own. Friday evening or Saturday would be ideal. Can work around your schedule.


P.S. I am a prospective member and the application process is pending.

We’d be happy to help, can you give more details on what you are cutting / what your project is


Thanks for the quick reply. It have a couple of ideas in mind.

  1. engraving an image of a motorbike - oak,walnut (not sure)
  2. cutting it out completely - plywood

I am later planning to convert this into a clock. If everything works out. But for starters, I would mostly be doing trial runs


I am just checking on this… any chance of you swinging by today or tomorrow ?