Ass kiss update

Due to the great content your efforts are showing in my photos and videos, we have now been favorited and or retweeted by:

Prez Ono
Provost Davenport
Digital Media Collaborative
Dean Landgren
UC CHEER lab (innovative stem and other teaching lab in my division)
Countless benefactors
Maker Faire
Museum Center
Many makerspaces
And many more

These are the people I already turned grants in to. This is good for the Hive. Let's keep it rolling!

Just wait till we edit the pro video and webcast! These were just with iPhone.

Please retweet @lorinedwin if you can.

I am now on PR duty for rest of day, since this is working. Okay with everyone? I could also use a helper willing to man a laptop for tweeting and booking faces and helping me with camera.

We should also be updating our hive13 site simultaneously. I know this is kinda a lot, but it is what gets attention and $ in an age of restless attention spans.


I would be happy to help video after my shift at learn to solder.


Awesome Job Lorin! You keep on documenting and we will be here for moral support! If you can’t get any one else to help, I’d be more than willing to help you out with that. =)

Hey Lorin!
This is awesome to hear! I am also up for helping provided my son let’s me! I also brought my DSLR if needed.

You are kicking ass for the hive man