Art Donation

It came up a month or two ago at an officer meeting that the Hive is lacking a little art…

If there is interest, Nate Wessel and I have a large piece from Urban Arhythmia installation that I’d like to donate for hanging at the Hive. At 38"x63" (roughly 3’x5’) I’d like to make sure there is interest in having it around…

A photo of the piece is attached!

Any objections?


I like it! Kind of a neuron/PCB hybrid look.


No objections here. That might go well on the bare wall behind the GigaBot in the FabLab.

I'll do my level best to stop throwing wrenches in that direction.

- Ry


I like it!

Very generous of you! Thanks!

The Hive as art gallery, I like the concept. Bring it on!