Area Wardens, paper towels, etc

So, The area wardens have been chosen! And as such, you should start going ahead and taking stock of what you have/need. (like toilet paper and paper towels - Thanks Jordan!)

The area wardens for the first 3 months of next year will be:

CNC- Julian Morand
Woodworking - Elly Hall
Metalworking/small tools - Kirk Wallace
Fab Lab - Will Stogner
Lounge - Ian B (Dark Ian)
Kitchen - Jordan McElroy
Electronics Area - Ivan McCluiston

Unfortunately because everyone didn’t put their emails down I’ll have to dig for a bit to send out the link to the budget spreadsheet to the new wardens

If all goes well I will be buying the first item for the space: paper towels and toilet paper. If your area has things that need to be purchased to keep the space running (like paper towels) please let me know and I’ll try to get it. The hope is to “deliver” every Tuesday. Our official meeting for starting the wardens will be in the beginning of January.

The official Action plan can be found at the following:

So, I'm official. I feel so... powerful! Muh. Muhaha. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *achem* Sorry, I don't know where that came from.

Seriously though, I've been pondering ways to reorganize the lounge and make it more usable for some time, so if anyone has ideas on that topic let me know.

As far as supplies go, the lounge doesn't require too much in the way of consumables but I'll give it some thought.

Ian "definitely not going mad with power" Blais