Arduino Workshop - Wednesday, September 6

As mentioned at the past couple of meetings, the Hive13 glass block
display has returned to service. It is now Arduino Mega controlled, and
composed of the extremely common and well supported ws2811 addressable

This seems like a great excuse for an informal Arduino workshop focused
on LED control.

I will be at Hive13 with my usual boxes of tricks from 6P-10P Wednesday,
September 6. Anyone interested in a gentle introduction to Arduino setup
and programming should feel encouraged to drop by. We'll begin with
basic LED strip control, then move to simple graphics on arrays such as
the glass block display.

I have enough components for several people to work simultaneously, but
bringing your own computer (and Arduino if you have one) will still be

- Ry

Sarah and I will try and make it

bump for a gentle reminder for everyone! this is happening tonight!

Whew. Thanks. I almost forgot about it.


  • Ry

I think we should get a video of the light wall at night and put it on the website.

:smiley: I also posted it on the fb page

sadly due to a forming migraine, Sarah and I wont make it.

Well, it’s about 8:00 and no one’s shown up specifically for the class. I’m going to head out for the evening.

Greg made a little progress towards relighting the soda machine buttons, and I got some Shapeoko time in.

I’ll give this another go in a few weeks.

  • Ry