Arduino class in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Aug. 29th

Do we have any arduino gurus? We should hold a class like this. Also, note the fee structure, for reference.

Sent to you by Jason via Google Reader:

I probably know enough to teach a very basic class like this but not much more. This is kind of the very first stuff you do after you get your Arduino and since it’s byo Arduino, I would feel like it’s almost too basic. But hey, if PGH is doing it, maybe it is doable after all.

With or without the class I was sort of hoping we could set up something like a regular Arduino night at the space. Maybe Monday nights?


Microcontroller Mondays ?

i’m down with that.

also a soldering class.

and a python class ala

they basically get together and go thru a book and examples

i can “teach” the class, tho i am by no means a programmer and i have not yet learned python.

hacklab uses this book:

which is available in a number of electronic formats as well as the antiquated dead tree format.

I am down with Microcontroller mondays.

We can always make it a kind of free-form class. People that know more can help the other people just starting, and we can work on helping each other with projects we may be doing.