Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi classes

I’m considering hosting a few courses covering Raspberry Pi and/or Ardinuo, with possible follow-up advanced sessions covering more complicated topics.

I’d like to gauge interest in such classes. Who would want to attend one or more of the following? If so, which courses, and for which devices?

  1. An introductory class (separate classes for Arduino and Pi), discussing available hardware and suitability for various purposes. This would cover board selection, initial software installation, and basic communication with other devices.

  2. A C programming primer, demonstrating more complex interaction with sensors, motors, LED displays, etc. Essentially, a romp through commonly used components and related supporting software. (Again, separate classes for Pi and Arduino)

  3. A course covering building appliances with the Pi. This would entail a rudimentary tour of Linux OS and networking configuration topics, enabling the student to comfortably install and use the many prebuilt OS images for the Pi. (See for a long list of this sort of thing.)

  4. Follow-on courses covering building complete systems. Home automation and CNC machinery come immediately to mind. Media centers and arcade cabinets seem to be popular as well. What other things are people interested in making?

Feel free to ask clarifying questions, or suggest other related topics that may be of interest to you.

  • Ry

I like this idea. I would like to teach a class on TOR, VPNs, and the like,
using the Pi as a proxy, but I am afraid I would spend a lot of time
setting up Pi's.

Being able to tell people to come with an image pre-loaded on their Pi
would do a lot to alleviate that.


I’d love that class.

I’d be interested in Ryan’s Pi offering but have little interest in Arduino.
I’d be interested to hear Chris’ Pi as proxy.


I like the idea of an arduino class. I have several projects I have bee trying to get off the ground with arduinos but they always get pushed back by other things. An actual class would help prevent that from continuing.

And on a related note, what would be people’s interest in having an every other week “Arduino / Pi Lab” basically people come down and work on those projects at the hive. This would mean that people with those kinds of projects would have that constant nagging reminder to work on them, and would be around other people with experience for when you run into stumbling blocks, etc.

Sounds awesome !

I’d like to have a more advanced class that gets into some of the limitations of the Arduino platform and ways to work around these limitations.

Id love any and all of these classes! I’ll email you off list soon Ry to talk details. Thanks for offering and I’m excited to learn some microcontroller stuff!

I’d be interested. Gotta learn some of that stuff :slight_smile:

I know this is kinda old, but I would still be interested in a class (Numbers 3&4). I have been thinking about using Pi/attiny combo to automate home devices over my wifi network. I just started learning linux stuff, but it’s not too far a stretch for me, because I am proficient in old MS DOS & batch files.

I like the sound of this proposal, My biggest limitation is code space. Most people use SD card storage to expand Arduino, but I would like to try NAND flash or Eproms as a more durable alternative.

Speed can be a limitation also, my best solution for that is to omit the bootloader.