Arcade Night

I will be hosting an Arcade Night at the Hive on Sunday (Dec 20th)
starting at 5pm and probably going to 8 or 9. If you are interested
in working on MAME cabinets or refurbishing arcades or building your
own gaming unit this will be some dedicated time to hang out at the
space and work on those projects. Some arcade projects on our plates:

* Finish off the original Hive13 Cabinet
* Merge and build a new big cabinet for the Hive's use
* Fix the Meltdown game
* Hack the Pump It Up board
* Work on the virtual reality gear (refurb some units and rebuild others)

If you have your own Arcade projects feel free to bring those in that
night as well.


good deal craig, i will be there!

i want to build a cabinet for use in my game room and you mentioned the jamma harness and other gear that i would need, is there list of parts somewhere in the wiki that i can use to order the gear for my cabinet?

You can get an idea of what to buy and where we bought our stuff from
our first MAME project

If you want to use the JAMMA harness you will need the J-Pac
controller. We have some buttons and plenty of roller balls. How
many buttons, joysticks, etc. you need will depend on what you want to

All of our cabinets have a JAMMA harness but not all of the harnesses
are complete. A cheaper route to go if you don't want to use JAMMA is
to get an I-Pac controller instead (same site) This will tie from the
buttons to the keyboard and is about half the price.

I doubt you'll have all parts you will need/want for the first meeting
but you can still start to prep your cabinet and start working on a
design on how you want it. I can tell you how much each thing would
cost and we can work that out on Sunday as well. (Example: do you
want a custom marquee? Side art? Light guns?)


I am going to be out of town for the holidays - sorry I can’t be around to help. (I completed my custom MAME build this past summer) I’ll be at the follow-up meeting.

Have fun!