Arcade Legacy: Bar Edition

Hello all,

I’m currently talking to Jesse who is the owner of Arcade Legacy, and they are about to open up a barcade up in Northside. They are close to opening, and I’m wanting to see if I can scrounge up some willing volunteers to help them out.
Here are some pictures that I took while up there today

There are five ways in which you can help:

Physical labor:

The space is just about finished, but they still need to bring the arcade machines into the building. They might need some muscle with moving their equipment into the building.


There are some walls in the building that could use some arcade inspired murals to add color and awesome to the space. If you have any artwork (preferably with an arcade/gaming/bar theme) that you would like to put up on a wall, send me a copy of the proposed art for the mural and I will make sure it gets to the right people.
If you have some neat ideas for artwork to be put in the arcade (like led tetris wall lights, led strips running under the bar to create a backlit effect, etc) submit the ideas and we’ll see what sticks.


There are plans for a courtyard next to the bar (as seen in the pictures in the link above), and they would like to see some good designs and ideas for their beergarden.

Token vending machine

Jessie would like patrons to convert $5 into a token worth $5 of food/drinks to make sure they’re serious about being there. He was thinking about having us make up tokens that could be dispensed (he was thinking maybe 3d printed tokens or the like). He wants to buy a machine that will vend these tokens to people. I recall seeing awhile back the Arduino run laudromat and I think building something similar to this could be cheaper to build than buying one outright. If we can get people interested in this project, this might be a fun project to make. Plus it would be awesome to see a hive13 project being used in someone’s business.

Job Positions

They are not looking for bartenders at this time. However, they are looking for those who have experience in the kitchen.

If any of these things interest you, send me an email here and tell me how you would like to volunteer, how I can contact you, any questions you have, and provide anything relevant (like in the case of art projects, this would be attaching photos or sending me links). I will contact you as soon as the help is required. Remember this is all to help out the folks at Arcade Legacy to make this place the best beercade that it can be, so any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help, and have a great night!

First–this is a fun concept and I wish them plenty of success!

However, I’m somewhat non-excited about doing volunteer work for a for-profit business that I don’t have any personal connection to. Is there any kind of incentive (discount for hive13 members, free swag, hive13 logo displayed at the barcade…)?

Obviously, throwing out ideas << actually creating art/landscaping etc. One idea I’ll throw out for the beer garden: hops vines growing in big mario question mark blocks.