Aquaponics: Growing Produce and Growing Fish - tour Saturday morning

Thought this would be interesting to folks:

Join Greg York and Matt Dawson of Community Homes and Dan Divelbiss and Sam Dunlap of Babarutz Ecological Design for a tour of their Norwood aquaponics system built in association with the Vineyard Central Community. Aquaponics is an emerging urban agriculture strategy for cultivating high density fish protein and vegetables on small amounts of land, year round, and with minimal water use. During this tour you will see all the components of the system, learn about future projects, and the role aquaponics will play in the mosaic of urban agriculture. You will also learn about opportunities for the direct purchase of fresh fish and greens from the farm.

Saturday March 24th 9:00 - 11:00 am
1757 Mills Avenue, Norwood, OH 45212
If you’d like to carpool from Imago meet there at 8:30.
$5 suggested donation

I wish I could go to this but my daughter has an event at 10. I’ve been interested in looking into this a bit more. I like the idea of having fish although that is just more things for me to kill. If anybody goes please take pictures.

I had some lettuce from one of these guys aquaponics harvest. Extremely good. I used to live just down the street from them.

I’m interested too but I’m going to an all day blacksmithing workshop. I hope they do this again.