Apartment hunting


  I'm in need of an apartment in Cincinnati - and I recall some of you doing a search recently.

  Did you have a favorite website to aid the search?

  p.s. I tried contacting Ryan off list but his mailbox is full...


Where are you looking? When? How big? I know a decent number of people with property. Feel free to email me off list.

Padmapper.com is pretty good

I have heard that the best apartments are advertised by a sign in the yard - not ads - they never hit the internet… I am not sure if that’s true, but if you have an area you think you would like to be in or near, you might try driving around those areas and looking for signs.

What area are you looking in/for?

I work for one of the larger rental companies in the clifton area. If your interested, ill take a look at what we have available when i get to the office tomorrow. Please feel free to email me privately with any specifics/preferences

When I asked a coworker about apartment searching sites, padmapper.com was a link I was given as a resource, so that seems to be a favorable place to go for window shopping at the very least.

I’m interested in looking for a place of my own sometime in the near future, but given how my job situation is very much up in the air right now, I can’t commit to something and then there be a small chance that I’ll have to move a month later.

I agree with Nancy that the best deals are advertised only on site. If you need a dog or cat friendly place, I recommend Craig’s List, they let you specify this on a search, and they require advertisers to declare their pet preferences when listing.