Anyone who might be at the hive early friday 6/17 or have info -

As in the thread earlier I am trying to repair my knee scooter so I can do learn to solder this weekend “easier” and get around. The arms are getting toasted from the crutches and the super skinny wheels on the knee scooter catch every bump and crevice leading much like high siding on a motorcycle and throwing me off. If anyone knows of or has seen aluminum round stock 1 " or 1.25" diameter I had some down there from the go kart and helping with another project. Or if there is any other round stock close to that I am needing to make 2 pieces roughly 1/2 diameter by 1.5 inches long then drill a 10 mm hole to make a bearing sleves adapter for the new wider wheels. I cant really run around to my places that do machining to get scrap with the whole foot thing still so if anyone is there early and spots some awesome! just shoot a email or text me at 513-478-4858. Any info would be awesome or if anyone has a piece to sell especially around 12 inches long I am likely going to convert the rear wheels as well once I make sure these do what I wanted.