Anyone want to take a crack at repairing an LG 4k TV?

I have a 43 inch LG 4K UHD tv. Purchased back around Thanksgiving 2016.
This January, I woke up and the screen was white. Remote did nothing, screen remained white.

Called Tech support. TV only has 1 year warranty, since it failed at 14 months, it’s out of warranty.
Paid $75 for the LG service guy to come out and tel l me it was a panel problem, and it would cost >$400 to fix.

Anyone want to take a crack at fixing it? Free to a good home?


not gonna lie , White is not a good color… be lot cheaper if was all black…

I believe it would be the t-conn inside the tv that needs replacing.

Are you sure it’s not just the color wheel in front of the LED backlight? :smiley: I replaced one of them about 20 years ago on my old Sanyo TV.

By the way… if you don’t know me… I’m just kidding. :wink: