Anyone want to help contribute to Hive13 in a big way?

Several of our Wardens are over-extended and we could use help. Is there a part of the hive you feel particularly comfortable in? Would you be willing to twice a month come in and take tabs on supplies, maintenance, and maybe help teach/certify members on equipment? If so, please consider volunteering to be a warden!

Wardens receive a discounted membership ($25 for normal members, Free for Student Members) in return for their efforts. The only requirements are that you be active in the community, and that you host 2-hour long “Warden Hours” twice a month to stay on top of supplies, equipment repair, and helping members get certified. You do not need to be an expert, but simply comfortable with an area of the hive, and willing to help/learn/teach.

We currently have 7 wardens, each assigned various area(s) of the hive. We are not limited to just those areas, the divisions can be rearranged however we see fit. So even if the area you feel comfortable with already has a warden, please feel free to step forward, as your willingness to take an area could help free up a current warden to help out in another area.


Kevin M.

There’s only a few spaces I’d be comfortable in but I’d love to be able to help out, I can definitely help in the sewing or crafts areas, or some of common areas like the lounge or kitchen. If we get a ceramics area going (which I believe was in the talks) I could definitely help there, too!


I’m going to start trying to make the electronics area more useful. Brad has done a great job on getting it up and running. I’m going to start trying to document and teach some of the tools in the area. We’re going to go through care and feeding of the reflow oven on Monday for Sparks! and I’ll be more than happy to accept requests for future equipment howto/tutorials.

Electronics is the main reason I went looking for a makerspace in the first place, so I’m more than happy to help out there when needed. Though, Dave seems to already have that well in hand :wink:

Do we still have an active kitchen warden? That area seems to have not gotten much love since we’ve moved.


Are there any specific areas that you feel are in need of more attention than others? Several of the offers above are for areas that are all pretty well handled.

For the ceramics area, I would suggest the we ask Rebeca Pocai. She has been actively engaged in getting that are up and running since the moment she set foot in Hive13 and she brings a tremendous amount of experience in ceramics.

Dave Schwinn

I’m currently warden of Glasswork, Welding, and Machining. I’d like to hand off one or more of those to someone else. I also think that ALL of our spaces could benefit from someone who is excited to contribute. Several of our other wardens have become over-burdened by life outside the hive, but I’ll leave it up to them to speak for themselves.

I would like any person who feels they could fill any one of the roles enthusiastically to speak up and say they would like to if given the opportunity. I don’t think any of our current wardens would be offended by having someone else excited to help out.

I communicated with Rebecca and she is willing to take on Ceramics Warden. That probably doesn’t alleviate any of the pressure on current wardens but we’ve got a volunteer for a new area so you don’t have to worry about it.

I’m not sure we need a warden for something so specific… honestly, I wouldn’t call myself the “glassworking warden” if I were not otherwise a warden… idk

It me it seems to fit directly into our current pattern along-side sewing/crafts, glass-working, kitchen, electronics, lounge warden. The additional of ceramics warden seems like an organic fit and ensures that an existing warden doesn’t have something new dumped on them. The role is likely going to need to classes and coordinate the firing of the kiln, both being specialized things. Then again, I am not directly involved with the wardens program so I can only make suggestions and try to help find willing parties.

I would be willing to take on Lounge/Admin area warden since Will has his hands very full right now. It is currently very low demand. I would not ask for the warden discount.

Yeah after conferring with Brad I think we’re going to tag-team the electronics area (and you’re more than welcome to contribute, Brant) but neither of us are after discounts.

Dave S., do you think it would be reasonable to combine Kitchen with Lounge/Admin? Kitchen and Hospitality warden? Sounds nice to me!

Dave B. - That sounds like a great fit! Particularly if you are moving in upstairs!

Kevin, Dave S. & Dave B.,

Please contact me about this in person or on Slack.