Anyone need pipettes?

I’m buying some nice eppendorf pipettes (pipettors), and was offered the opportunity to buy all 16 for $300 (I know someone knows how crazy expensive these usually are). However, I only need 4-6 of these (which I will use for hive13 events as well as my own beautiful aliquots. If I buy all 16, is there interest in buying the additional 8 pipettes for hive? Does anyone here need a pipette?

If hive or any individual is interested, let me know and I’ll keep one for you.

Sizes (all are adjustable, with counter, lock, etc – totally pro):

10uL, 20uL, 100uL, 1000 uL
0.5-10uL, 10-100uL, 50-200uL, 100-1000uL, 500-2500uL