Anyone need an old pressure washer (free)? I got tired of gas tools and went electric...

So, before I put it on the curb with a free sign for anyone to take:

2500psi gas pressure washer. Old craftsman with a tecumsah OH55 engine. Engine is fine. It worked well last season when I refinished my deck. It’s pretty good. Up close this thing can do some damage – gives that nice kickback…

It starts fine when I force feed it some fuel, but the carb is gunked up again and maybe needs a replacement ($15 on amazon). All you need to do is dick around with the carburetor and troubleshoot. I’m tired of doing that and have decided to move on with my life.

I downgraded to a nice, quiet electric that’ll do fine for just light washing now that I’m done with the heavy duty work.

Seriously, free. I’ll even through in a can of carb cleaner.


Oh, I have a free lawnmower too if anyone wants that. Seriously, no more gas tools for me. If it starts with a pull cord, I’m not doing it.

I’m interested in the pressure washer :slight_smile:

It’s yours. Send me a text if you want to pick it up.

what shape/age is the lawnmower in?

I really don’t know, I’m from the desert. I’ve never used a lawnmower.

Previous owner left it here and I have not used it. Seems pretty old school.

Yes indeed.