Anyone need a shipping box for a 1U server?

My HP360G5 came in it. If anyone needs one, speak up and it’s yours. Awesome box that is in great shape able to be re-used, shame to throw it out. Going to the trash Tuesday.




I could use one.

Congratulations, by the way, that’s a good piece of hardware you’ve chosen.

Where are you located?

6430 Welton St.
Cincinnati OH 45213

Come and get it. It’s by the mover around back. I am frequently in Fairfield and sometimes also out on the east side if you wanted me to bring it.

I’m going to take it off craigslist now.

How far on the east side? I’m over in Withamsville/Amelia - and, lacking a car, I won’t be able to pick it up. For the forseeable future, at least.

Anyhows, if you make a trip out here, it’d be best if you could drop it off. If you’re not going to be out here - that’s not a big deal, I’ll try and get transportation. Let me know.



My wife’s parents live on 222, her grandparents on 12 mile. I’ll be out that way this weekend. Shoot me your address and where you want it left if you’re not home and I can almost certainly guarantee that it will be on your doorstep by monday.


p.s. 2x L5420 quad 2.5Ghz, 15gig ram, 2x 73gig 10K SAS, Perc400i, 2x power supplies, rack kit $524 shipped.