Anyone making another digikey/mouser order?

I have a second iteration idea of the ghost voice thing that I’d like to start on sometime in November, but for which I only need 1 part, a 1 Mb RAM chip accessible via SPI. I’m not in much of a hurry if anyone else going to start an order soon. Or, if anyone else has similarly small orders, I could also just submit one myself sometime next week.


I’ll have something.

I’d like 2x 23LC1024 in DIP form. Digikey has it as 23LC1024-I/P-ND and Mouser as 579-23LC1024-I/P.

I’ll be making a big ol’ order in a week or so.

Ah, week or so sounds lovely. I’d like to add my order to that, then, part numbers and quantity as in previous post.

If you’re ordering from Digikey, I’d like 10x of 1212-1195-ND too, please. Thanks!