Anyone interested in making their own notebooks?

I use fountain pens and wetter rollerballs a lot so I’m considering maybe at some point making my own notebooks.
I was curious if anyone else would be interested in that as well, if so maybe there would be interest in stocking some paper and some supplies for that at the Hive for convenience.

This would be relatively inexpensive, I was initially going to start a ream of appropriate paper, a printer to print whatever type of ruling you want on the paper (we have that), card stock for covers, a decent “guillotine” style paper cutter, a long stapler, and something flat with a weight to act as a press (we can probably improvise that).

Me! I have interest! I know nothing about making notebooks, but I certainly enjoy using/hoarding them.

I would love to learn to make notebooks!

I guess to clarify, at the moment what I know how to make is basic staple or stitch “saddle” bound pocket notebooks with card-stock covers that are more or less the minimum to be usable (think a DIY Field Notes equivalent).
That said, I’d like to at some point look into other binding methods that might accommodate more pages (like “perfect” binding with glue, which I haven’t tried yet), and maybe better covers and different papers.

As far as materials go, turns out we do have a paper trimmer, some card stock, and some ordinary printer paper at the Hive, so I guess the only semi-essential thing missing is maybe a book press, which can probably be improvised out of materials floating around the Hive.

I’d definitely be interested. I end up buying a few of these a year, and it would be fun to make custom ones. We could make a stencil or something to paint a design on the covers.