anyone interested in a ham radio licensing class?

sam the lockpick ninja has a contact who is interested in running a
ham radio class in cincinnati. the course would be 8 hours and you
can take the FCC exam at the end.

the fees would probably break down like this:
the course itself would be free,
the book you need for the course would be ~$30
and the FCC fee for the actual exam would be ~$15

sam is gauging interest to see if we might get some sort of discount.

so post your interest in this thread and i'll see what i/we can work

id totally be interested; getting a ham licence has been on the bucket
list for a few years now...

I would be interested as well.

Always interested.

I’d be interested too.

With some publicity, this could be a good outreach that might draw in
some new members.

I would be interested given enough notice.

Re: Bucket list ham license- Ditto, I'd be interested.

Count me in as well.


i heard back from sam and his radio licensing friend, they would like
to do the class on the 14th of january, a saturday. i'll work with
craig on setting up the eventbrite and everything.

Just shoot me the price, max members for the class, description of the class and times/dates and I’ll setup the eventbrite.