Anyone have some scrap 3/8" ID plastic tubing for 80psi+ ??

I have a water pump that needs only 6" to 1ft of plastic tubing. I don’t feel like spending $25 to buy 50 feet when I only need 3/8"…

Does anyone have some scrap tubing? Must be higher pressure than the plain aquarium style vinyl tubing (only takes 45psi)


Do you care about the type of plastic? Flexible or stiff ok? Do you care about the OD?

I might have some 3/8 PEX at home. I also have some 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD PC water cooling flexible tubing in red, though I don’t remember what the actual material is for that.

It has to connect to a barbed fitting, so pex won’t be right. I found an old washing machine hose here with a 3/8 ID – I’m in process of cutting it and testing… Will let you know.

Washing machine hose hack works well. Holding pressure at 80psi…

Thanks for the iffer, though, Kevin.

ive got beer line…