Anyone have an extra 8+ core 8+Gb server lying around?

Normally I would laugh at this question, but I know with the hive folk it’s actually a possibility someone might have one kicking around their basement…

I’m looking for a server to use for a test environment for VMWare ESXi. I have a complex enough set of VMs to spin that I need something with some balls. 8 cores (i.e. 4x dual core, 2x quad core) and 8Gb ram are minimums. Rackmount would be really nice. Redundant power supplies would be really nice. I don’t really care about disk subsystem. I’d prefer x86/Xeon but I’d go for Opteron for the right price.

Those are examples of what I’m going for. I’d love to have more CPU, but I’d rather have cheap than beefcake.

Obviously, I’m not looking for freebies - I will gladly pay for a machine. I’d prefer to get one locally to get up and running faster rather than having to wait for shipping. I will be ordering something Friday if I can’t find something that will do what I’m looking for locally.

Thanks a bunch,
-Dave B. (i.e. the long lost Dave)