Anyone have a *long* torx-10 screw driver?

Hi All,

I’m hoping to turn an easybake oven into a reflow oven this weekend. It has 120mm-recessed T10 screws.

It can hit solder melting temps with ease, but is a pain to disassemble without the right tools.

If anyone has the appropriate screwdriver and can bring it by the Hive or meet me somewhere, that’d be great!


We have the screwdriver set, which has an extension
however, if the holes are narrow, it might not work.

Looks like the driver set I have here will do a 110mm extension, the head is about 5/16" or 8mm across - not sure if that’s any smaller than the ifixit set.

I’ll bring it in tomorrow night.

Adam found a suitable screwdriver at Sears. Looks like we’re set, and thanks for your help!