Anyone got a tubular pick?

Hi guys,

You don’t know me because I’ve only visited a couple of times, though I would like to get more involved soon. I do have a huge favor to ask of someone, though. I’ve got a small safe that’s malfunctioning whose backup key has been lost. Is there anyone who would be willing to lend me a tubular lock pick for an evening? I’ll be happy to give you collateral for it or buy you a six-pack or something.


Never mind, guys. The safe is open(ish) now. I guess it can’t be used again, but it was a cheap, bad safe with a faulty mechanism, so I don’t know that I’d want to anyway. I’ll have a moment of silence for it and move on.


In the future, I have a tubular pick if need be.

Thank you, Craig; I appreciate it. That would have been the best solution, probably, but no great loss.

Have a good weekend.

How’d you get it open? Probably fun to bring it in for dissection/mocking

Yeah, it’d be good for mocking. The funny part is that I’ve played with breaking into this safe before, but had focused on the electronics. The electronics were the malfunctioning part. It’s possible my past investigations damaged it. So I had tools to break in, but the mechanism I needed to do so was dead, and I lost the manual key 'cause that’s what I do.

To be totally honest, I just opened it like a caveman. Gradually wedged things in to the gap where the door was (remember, think cheap, low-security, Wal-mart/Target safe) until I could get a tire-iron in. I don’t own a crowbar. There was only one point of contact between the safe body and the door, just one latch, and I remembered where the weakest point should be. So once I got enough leverage the door peeled back.

I pulled my stuff out through the gap using chopsticks and needle-nose pliers until I got the door fully open.

Mock away,

I don’t know if this would have helped, or is just a little salt in the wound, but it’s good knowledge for next time.

I think we need a bigger wall of fail.

how big was your fail?