Anyone going to be at the HIVE this afternoon?

I've recently talked with a few of the officers about consigning a Ms.
PacMan bar setup from my post-teenager kid's basement space to the
HIVE entry area. The wife thinks this is a great way to get it out of
our house. I think folks think it's a desirable and good idea.

It's short notice, but if I get a reply from someone who could
coordinate to be at the HIVE, I'd launch arranging to make the move
this afternoon.

I think I can get it loaded into a pickup truck on this end, but would
need someone to meet me on the street at the HIVE when I arrive to
carry the piece parts up the stairs and into the space.

I'm thinking around 3:00 pm or so. Reply if you can help on short
notice and we'll coordinate to make final plans.


Oh man that sounds awesome! I love those things! I will be able to make it down to help you out.