Anyone done any Android development?

Has anyone done any Android development? I need to develop an app for
a prototype and I am not familiar with the Eclipse IDE so I am having
problems even setting up one of the test apps. It's been a LONG time
since I have done any app development (been focused on web stuff for
10+ years) so I am REAL rusty... I've installed the Eclipse Java IDE
and the Android Development Tools but I get compiler errors when I
attempt to run the samples. (I have an AVD for both 2.1 & 2.2)

If you have some time to walk me through the basics, I would be
eternally grateful.

We are also going to be doing some Google App Engine development in
the upcoming months so I'd love to pick some brains there as well.
(not as urgent, but something I'll be needing) I think Craig
indicated he has done some development in this space but I don't know
if anyone else has cut their teeth with the cloud.



I have done some stuff. It’s been about a year since I did any android development. I did some simple
AppEngine stuff not too long ago tho, so I may be more helpful with that. IIRC all you need
is Eclipse, JDK and the SDK for android with the AVD being the debugger (might have
the emulator in that package too…)

What errors are you getting?

I get the error:

Path for project must have only one segment.

This was from a new project that I created and I don’t see any other references. A Google search didn’t reveal anything useful.


OK, after working on it all afternoon, I am able to get a basic hello app running. A couple of items were preventing the app from launching. One was because of the way the IDE was setup, another was because there were two layouts loaded, which meant two main.xml files, which caused problems.

Now I have to start handling the UI inputs and build from there.


Hey guys,

Incidentally, I am also trying to pull together an Android app. If you
guys sit down to work through Eclipse or SDK more formally, would you
mind giving me a heads up? I'm starting from 0% Java knowledge here so
my learning curve is a bit steep.


Hmm, would people be up for a Coding Wednesday or thursday maybe? I have a couple programming projects I want to work on and am willing to help others with any programming questions. I have not done any android development, however I am familiar with java.

i'd like to do that. i have a little experience with java.

Anyone free on July 14th or 15th and want to get together to do some

I can’t make it either day, but I would like to see if we can’t schedule some time to get this moving. More importantly, it would be nice to have some people to work with on a good skeleton. Maybe it would make sense to identify an app we can all work on together to cut our teeth on this? Something with the basic elements that most apps would have that we can reuse for our own individual projects? I’ve been searching and there are several open-source projects but I have yet to find code that I can compile that meets the skeleton requirements I have in mind.

I have been out of town for the past few meetings but there might even be some opportunities to generate revenues for both the HIVE and contributing members. (or a “donation” of a laser cutter and other items of interest if we can get things rolling) I’m starting a new venture in mobile and will be raising capital for development.

I should be at next Tuesday’s meeting so we can discuss this further…


I can make both the 14th and 15th. There are pro;s and con’s in my mind for both dates.

The 15th (Thursday) was my first choice because it gives us a day between the meeting and another event at the hackerspace, however I know the 15th is also another night the boxing classes happen, so we will have the same parking issues.

The 14th (Wednesday) is the same day of the week we originally did coding projects at the hive, however it is the day after our weekly meetings and I know it can be hard to make two days in a row for some people. (heck, even I can get burned out)

I think in the end I am liking the 15th more, maybe we can use that availability poll, I do not remember what it is called.

It looks like I can come either day. I have no Android platform on
which to do anything (short of the emulator in the SDK) but I'm
interested in seeing what's involved.
Perhaps we could set up a repository (SVN or git or something, let the
flame war commence) where we put any code we come up with for the
benefit of people like Ed who can't make it, and just for sanity
reasons if any sort of collaboration might occur.

Google code has a decent SVN implementation and I believe there is a site called GitHub that does the equivalent for git projects.

Personally, I would prefer SVN because that is what I am familiar with, but I would be willing to try Git.

I would rather use SVN but git would work too. I can’t make either day this month because I will be out of town. I can make sure that Mr. Anderson has sudo rights on the hive server so we can get some repos setup.


The distributed nature of git would be a significant plus considering
the goal (a skeleton that can be used on individual projects), and the
Github CEO just gave a great talk here in town last Thursday fwiw.

I'd be very interested in learning android development most any night.

I will be in Thursday evening (15th) to try to get some stuff hacked
together if anyone wants to join. Probably around 7ish.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to the Hive tonight.

I am still planning on being up at the hive this evening. I might not be working on programming, but if other show up I might and I would definitely welcome answering any questions people might have.

  • Paul

So are we going to make Thursday nights a regular night for this? I want to block off the evening in my calendar.

Also, can we go ahead and get something set up as a code repository? That way we can all share what we’re doing throughout the week.



Yes, Thursday will be the night for coding at the hackerspace, I will set up a google code SVN repository for us. (unless Craig or someone with sudo access on the Hive’s server wants to set it up for us on there?)

I set up a google code project page, available here: