Anyone able to tow a car?

In looking for batteries for power series, the source I had never responded back with a location... So I've been unable to get the batteries as anticipated...

But another interesting idea came up. There are salvage auctions that you can get pretty good deals on broken cars. If we could bid and win a hybrid car for a few hundred, the batteries should still be fine, as well as the computers and electronics attached (then resell and recoup cost of vehicle) assuming it's a front end collision where only the engine may be a bit mashed.

If I was to bid and get something, would anyone at the hive be able to tow/transport a vehicle with potentially only rear wheels in drivable condition, or if it is undriveable?

By the way, it looks like you can get a tow trailer from uhaul for about $50. So if someone had a hitch and a decent truck this should be pretty easy.

I’ve got you covered on the tow…

I also have friends that have salvage licenses to they can bid on and salvage auctions. You can’t bid on those as a member of general public. BEWARE: Many of them are far, far away. They’re nationwide companies.


I saw some auctions in Walton Kentucky. Do you think that you could ask your friend what kind of fees we would expect if we were able to get a car for say 300?

It varies according to the facility and type of auction. 10-15% is about to be expected. I was told to call or email the auction facility.

So, if we want to start bidding on a car, how can we go about doing it? would I need to tell you/your friend what we would like to bid on?

-Jim Shealy

What are the voltage and Amp-hour requirements for this project? I would like to see if I can find a source or at least find something for comparison.

I found a webpage that gives details about the batteries used in some different hybrid cars. Most of them are using NiMh D cells or similar. When I was involved in battle bots we used sub-c nimh that could put out a lot of amps.

We plan to use approximately 24v at 60A continuous (may be less, but we want to run as close to that fused limit as possible)

We are restricted to nimh, nicd, life, or marine sealed lead acid batteries. I expect that we will want each battery to be about 25Ah. As of my searching nimh or lead seems to be the most effective solution. I’m looking particularly for hybrid batteries as they make a few battery packs for our usage, are fairly cost effective, and are of known quality.

If you go to the power series project on our wiki I have a spreadsheet for calculating the relative cost effectiveness of a particular battery solution.

I’ll find out. I know copart and iaai are not open to the public for bidding. You’d have to pick out some car(s) and maximum prices and go from there. If you’re dealing with an auction that you don’t need a license to bid on, have at it.


I’ve found a battery for $375 with tax for the ford escape (2007 Battery Ford Escape) at Based on my calculations, this is a better deal than the MIT folks got for their ford fusion battery. The store is just over in columbus OH at:

2474 McKinley Ave
Columbus, Ohio, 43204

Because this may be difficult to fit in my corolla, is anyone else able to pick it up? I will gladly go, but it must be during business hours in the week (9-5) (no weekend service :/)

I’m thinking of taking a trip tomorrow if no one is able and giving it a shot. I need to get proper dimensions for this thing though… for some reason it’s extremely difficult to find real specs for the batteries.


have you been looking on ? I’ve never used it for hybrid stuff but it works wonders for “normal” cars.


That’s where I found this :slight_smile: