Anybody want some empty broken down cardboard boxes?

Anybody want some boxes? Just cleaned out the garage, the previous owners were horders and I’ve got a ton of medium (1-2’x2-3’) boxes.

If they don’t go on here, nextdoor and/or craigslist will take care of it.


I’m probably just going to recycle them.

I’d love a few. How many are there?

I’ve got at least 6, maybe more. Plus a bunch of largish sheets that might be boxes that need to be assembled or parts of boxes if you just want some cardboard. I can bring them to the meeting this Tuesday. Otherwise Tuesday is also trash day here.

We can always use more boxes at the hive. There is plenty of space to store them on the very tops of the pallet racks (where we don’t want things that are too heavy). We’ve used most, if not all, of the boxes that were down there. They are always good for transport to events, temproary organization, or for members to take and use for various things.

Whatever people don’t want, I think we should take them in. :slight_smile:

Lorin and I found 3 boxes of 50 boxes each on top of one of the pallets when we were organizing the electronics area, so I think the Hive has quite a few. I’ll bring mine down as well.

Quick update: I left these out in the rain, and I think they’re mostly damaged. I’ll bring what survived the deluge with me to the meeting.