Anybody have simple sheet metal equip or capability?


I need to make a sheet metal plate with a couple simple 90° bends to form tabs (it’s a chimney block off). Just 26-24 ga sheet metal. This is sooo easy I simply can’t justify paying $60 minimum labor for something that I could do in less than an hour. I also don’t feel like doing this with my sheet metal hand tools and suffering unduly. Drawing below, basic size is 28"x18".

Also, maybe it’s time to have a mini sheet metal setup at Hive? I have built decent brakes from angle iron, and I have plans for a manual sheer. Even a small light slip is not too big a deal once you find parts. Nothin big, just 30" or so and could be backed up against a wall and brought out as needed?Screenshot 2015-12-08 09.30.42.png


I’m all in favor of getting some sheet metal working tools as Lorin suggests.


I agree!

Although - there is already a simple brake at the hive…


I’ve got access to a 48" foot powered shear at the shop if that helps you now.

We have a brake?

Where? I’ve never seen it.

Dave B. I might take you up on that. I’d also like to check out your electronics dungeon up there…

If the offer still stands I still would like to grab that Max thermocouple chip from you for the gigabot. I’ve got the optoisolator nailed, and the fuses, just need to strap that on there and we should be able to fire up marlin.



Electronics dungeon is at my house. Same with the thermocouple interface. I don’t have any plans to be at the hive anytime soon. I might be able to drop it off on the way to indianapolis Friday. Email or call me off list and we’ll figure it out.

Yes, I brought in a small 36" break a few years ago. It’s still there somewhere.


Okay then. I think I can get this done then… Thanks bill!