Any plans for International Tabletop Day?

International Tabletop Day will be April 11th this year. Are there any plans to use that to Hive13’s advantage?

I will bring my board games in and we can set up an event on the international tabletop website

Sounds awesome David. I apologize if my topic came across pushy. My intent is not to tell you how to do things, but rather to help Hive13 and any members in charge. Having said that, and knowing that I’m being hypocritical in the next sentences, (even possibly sounding self-centered), I would like to suggest looking for information on the ITTD “freebies” that were made available to the Friendly Local Game Stores. I was unaware of them when I ran ITTD, and don’t know where to find them, if they’re on the ITTD website. If you do find them, and they’re free, they’re great promos.

I’ll be honest, when I stopped seeing game day on the mailing list, I was afraid it had been cancelled. But I hear you’ve taken over and kept it running smoothly since I left. So while I won’t be there in person, I have to congratulate you on a job well done. May you and those who join you enjoy the games. And thank you for giving me another reason to be proud of Hive13 and its membership!

(If only I could afford to make the trip to join you guys. I’d be back in heaven, over at the Hive.)