Any interest in a DL360-G5?

I’m getting rid of my DL360-G5 server. It’s fundamentally similar to the one that’s at this hive with better specs.

1U rackmount with rails, 2x redundant PSU, 2X L5420 low power Xeon, 32Gb RAM, 4x 146Gb 10K SAS drives, PERC raid. Extra SAS and ethernet cards. Currently setup as a VMware ESXi box.

Does anyone want this thing?
CTO, Does the hive want it?


Heck I’ll bite how much my good Sir :smiley:

I’m not sure whether we have a need for that. We might, but I haven’t been at the space for a month and can’t seem to bring to mind the specs of our current hardware. I’ll take a look after the meeting tonight and see.

Ian B.