anti piracy system?

How will something like this effect a location where multiple people use the same connection? I know lots of people have roommates/housemates that share one internet connection, Does the person named on the service get hit with the fees?


It won’t matter on residential. These systems don’t run on business lines so one solution is to use business lines at home. Simply say you are a startup or freelancer. That solution works better for shared lines so you don’t have to take responsibility for others actions. For individual privacy and freedom there are options such as VPN services or RetroShare.

What’s that? It’s time for a p2p darknet where connections are made only to friends? Yep! Let them try to prove somebody’s committing piracy then.

i.e. retroshare.

also​ there is the blocklist method, where you deny connections to your machine/network using a tool like peerblock or moblock and one or more block lists, like those from bluetack or iblocklist.

this won’t protect you from deep packet inspection systems like sandvine at the ISP level, but it will stop third parties like media sentry and their ilk from connecting their fake peers to you in order to entrap you, which is the first step in the DMCA complaint process.