Another Hive Toy?

Anyone want to commit to doing something cool with a Mailmobile? If so, let me know and we can get ahold of one. See below…


I’m pretty sure this mailmobile is actually an early Cylon model.

…appropriately, the first project that came to my mind was to mount a paintball gun on it.


OH heck! can we make it follow CinDlou around and be her Daggit?

so does it follow a programmed path, or does it navigate? buried wire? what?

I think it’s an ultraviolet paint.


it also uses something to detect people. I worked in an office that had one and it would wait patiently for someone to pass​ in the hallway, but it would plow into my cart full of PCs if I wasn’t paying attention.

That sounds like an infrared detector, maybe? It sees the warm body but not the cold cart. That kinda sounds right for the ‘age’ of the thing. and I reread the opening post, yes, it’s a line follower.